Integration courses in Hamburg – learn german at Crisol

Learn to speak, read  and understand German

Language is today, more than ever, the key to getting on in new cultures. Success in in learning a language leads to fun, and fun leads to success! Crisol will show you the way…

Many years of experience

At Crisol we make learning fun! Learn Spanish, Portuguese or German in small groups led by experienced native speakers with university qualification. We place great emphasis on the qualification and teaching experience of our teachers and conduct regular quality checks in the classroom. Our teachers work at the highest professional level, but at the same time with fun and passion.

So take advantage of our wide range of evening or intensive courses, tutoring, educational leave or tailored corporate training.

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Opening hours:

Monday 09:30-18:00
Tuesday 09:30-18:00
Wednesday 09:30-18:00
Thursday 09:30-18:00
Friday 09:30-15:00

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A1.1 Basic 1 20.04.2015
A1.2 Basisc 2 16.03.2015
A2.1 Advanced 3 21.04.2015
A2.2 Advanced 4 26.05.2015
B1.1 Advanced 5 23.06.2015
B1.2 Advanced 6 27.07.2015
B2 Advanced 23.03.201


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